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What is brand photography and why do i need it?

"The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller." -Steve Jobs

There are an infinite number of reasons why professional brand photography helps business owners convert potential customers into lifelong brand loyalists. Brand photography provides entrepreneurs and influencers the opportunity to elevate their brand by:

  • using professional images that share their unique and authentic stories.
  • connecting on a deeper level with their target audience.
  • experiencing a higher conversion rate of customers who have an emotional connection to the brand.
  • reclaiming their time back by having a professional do the work so that they can focus on other important things.
  • having their social media, website, and marketing images done and ready to go with recurring quarterly photography sessions.
  • staying consistent and intentional to the brand's mission in both appearance and content.

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, just think about the kind of story you can tell with an entire social media feed or website! 

As an entrepreneur and influencer, your content has the power to evoke a range of human emotions from celebration to stoicism, dedication to humor. Your images don't have to be the same stock images that everyone else is using. And they certainly don't have to be DIY, long-armed selfies. Professional brand photography can intentionally reveal a multi-dimensional glimpse of your world so that your audience feels an immediate connection with you. The end result? They want what you're having! 

The best part is,  you can receive up to 3 months worth of social media images in just one photo session. With an annual subscription, you're getting an entire year's worth of images updated quarterly! How much time and creative energy would that free up for you?!    

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About April

I help entrepreneurs and influencers stand out from the crowd with authentic images that captivate their audience and elevate their brands.  

I believe in helping others see and celebrate what makes them unique.  As luck would have it, most of the work I've done in my life has allowed me to do just this.  Whether I was teaching middle school English, or doing a photo shoot in my suburban Chicago portrait studio before I moved to Nashville, I have enjoyed encouraging people to use their authentic voice and story in all aspects of their lives.  From my experience, I've found that the business owners who share a multifaceted view of their brands and lifestyle with their audience build stronger relationships online and in person. 

Today's entrepreneur and influencer wears many hats, and time is always at a premium. You know that Facebook and Instagram are important and useful tools for your business, but those quick snaps of your morning coffee, or the stock photos that everyone else in your industry is using, aren't getting much interaction with potential customers. And they're certainly not helping your conversion rates. So, how can you elevate your brand without taking up any more of the time and creative energy you need for your business?

You need a steady stream of "ready to go" images that will help you connect with and convert those potential customers into brand loyalists. It's all about building authentic relationships.

I am dedicated to working with you to capture your unique narrative with professional brand photography so that you can authenticate your images, cultivate genuine interest and emotion with your audience, and elevate your brand.   

When I'm not behind my camera or helping you plan out your next photo session, I'm usually:

  • reading anything and everything. I'm a total book nerd.
  • practicing yoga or meditation. I *try* to do this daily.
  • going to live music shows with my husband or listening to my 2 talented kids play their guitars. 
  • snuggling with my two rescued dogs. One is a sweet lab mix and the other is an incorrigible three legged pit bull mix.

"The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision." ~ Neil Gaiman

Let's tell your story!

If you're ready to elevate your brand and convert your audience into lifelong brand loyalists, click the link below to submit an inquiry and request a phone consultation. I'd love for us to chat and see if we're a good fit for each other before moving forward! 

Phone consultations are complimentary and take no more than 20 minutes.

Single sessions start at $1500 and include commercial usage rights. Annual subscription packages available. To view complete pricing menu submit an inquiry below.

Because I'm dedicated to providing you an experience that will truly help elevate your brand and take back some of your valuable time, I only accept 12 annual subscription clients per year.  If you're interested in reserving one of these limited spots, contact me today!

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